Matthew Frazier


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My name is Matthew.

  • I live in (and ♥) Raleigh, North Carolina.
    (I grew up farther west in NC, around High Point.)
  • I study Computer Science at NC State University.
    (I graduate in May 2015!)
  • I program computers.
    (I'm pretty good at it, but it frustrates me a lot.)
  • I teach people about computers and programming.
    (I like this more than actual programming.)
  • I love public transit, and cities in general.
    (I want to be a transit planner someday.)
  • I serve with Grace Community Church.
    (I lead a Bible study, share the Gospel,
    and assist with worship services behind the scenes.)
  • I care deeply about sound theology, social justice, and free software.
    (I believe you can have all three at once.)
  • I like to cycle. (But I'm not very good at it.)
  • I enjoy playing games. (Computer, board, or card.)
  • I can rap. (I don't have any music of my own though.)